Maarten Kaaij

Maarten Kaaij

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Data geek, entrepreneurial, love to inspire, growth by data

As a co-founder of DigiMonks, I’m a Founded By All member since the beginning of the corporation. We help companies drive performance by building big-data analytics capabilities (people, applications and knowledge). By combining a pragmatic approach with in-depth understanding of consumer data we ensure that impact is achieved. That is also why we work on performance based assignments taking full responsibility for the common objectives. We mainly serve large corporates with a significant customer data potential.


  • Big Data Applications
  • Data Analytics
  • Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • Project Management

In God we trust, all others must bring data.
~W. Edwards Deming

Best FBA Story

Hard to pick one; everyday we… get inspired…we inspire, we go to the coffee-corner and meet fantastic people. Feel free to explore this great place: come and visit us!


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DigiMonks is a consulting and technology firm. We focus on boosting company performance by enhancing their capabilities for big-data analytics: we give them the right tools and the right knowledge. Our pragmatic approach and in-depth understanding of consumer data are the key to assuring significant impact for our clients.


Monks throughout the world have always been great innovators and teachers. They brought, for example, yoga, beer, blast furnaces, and printing into the world. With the utmost patience and an eye for detail, they spread these types of innovations among the people of Asia and Europe.

The monks have set a model for excellence, which we at Digimonks seek to emulate in the modern, digital world. We are passionate about new methods and insights, and strive to be at the forefront of innovations in big data solutions in the twenty-first century. And we meticulously impart all of our knowledge on clients to help them capture growth opportunities.



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