Mees Boeijen

Mees Boeijen

Hi, nice to meet you.

I’m Mees, one of the co-founders of Skotty. I believe that the right to privacy and security should apply for all of us, that’s why I spend my time working on applications that make staying secure more accessible and understandable for everybody.


  • Concept Development
  • UI
  • UX
  • Web Design

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At Skotty, we’re building tools that allow people to work together online in a secure and privacy-friendly way.

With traditional cloud-based solutions, you as a user lose control of the data you provide and work on. Not with Skotty. With our end-to-end encrypted platform, what’s yours stays yours, while still providing a great user experience.

We want to make secure and private collaboration simple.



Exposed records due to data breaches in 2016

4.2+ billion