Sylvie Claes

Sylvie Claes

Hi, nice to meet you.

I’m Sylvie and I’m an industrial designer. After graduating at TU/e, I founded Hugsy as a startup to provide comfort and care to babies and children both in the hospital and at home. With our products and technology we support moms and dads to create and prolong valuable bonding time. Designing a product that can help solve a problem or pain is what makes me happy!


  • Concept Design
  • Design Thinking
  • Marketing
  • Product Design

Big things have small beginnings
~T.E. Lawrence

Best FBA Story

Being a startup, it is great to be part of a larger eco system like FBA. Just meeting up with professionals in the kitchen or the hallway leads to interesting ideas, unexpected help and valuable inspiration!



Bonding in a heartbeat


Did you know that all babies – premature and full term alike – develop best when they are safe and sound in their parent’s arms? During skin-to-skin cuddling sessions, known as kangaroo care, parent and baby co-regulate their temperature, breathing and heart rate. Nothing works better, even for prematurely born babies who are cared for in an incubator, and it’s benefits are proven: improved bonding, better brain development, reduced stress, deeper sleep, and better immunity, just to name a few!

Hugsy makes the benefits of a parent’s embrace last longer, to provide comfort to babies even when their parents cannot be nearby. The Hugsy Pouch, a snug kangaroo care blanket, or the Hugsy Cuddle for older babies, capture a parent’s warmth and scent, while the Hugsy Heartbeat records and plays back their unique and familiar heartbeat when parents can’t be with their little one. Hugsy’s evidence-based design has won several design awards and is already being used in Dutch hospitals during clinical trials and in homes.



Premature babies that have been cared for with Hugsy



The Hugsy team consists of dedicated product designers, parents, marketing professionals and people with passion for parent-child bonding and technology. All of us have dedicated time and experience to Hugsy and are excited to be a pioneer in the field of baby care products! We believe baby care products should always contribute to a parent’s confidence. We help parents to take care of their children and themselves in a positive and upbeat way.